What a great Resurrection Sunday that we were able to celebrate together! The climax of our Christian walk, knowing that Jesus was raised back to life and when we place our faith in Jesus and repent of our sins, we will receive eternal life as well, according to John chapter eleven verse twenty-five. 
And now we begin a new month with great things and activities ahead that we as a church can get involved with. Such as, the National Day of Prayer on May 5th which will include an all-city worship and prayer event at 6002 So. 9th St. @7:00pm. Please come and join this important event.
Also, we will be celebrating and honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day which is on May 8th.  As we have done in the past, we will also recognize all the ladies of our church.  Thank you for your love, dedication and sacrifice….it doesn’t go unnoticed.
And then on May 21st, which is Armed Forces Day, we, as a church, led by Tammy Auxier and the Copeland kiddos, will be recognizing those who are active-duty military and thanking them for their commitment and sacrifice. Please join us by writing a note or card of gratitude to our active military and their families. If you want to be a part of this great outreach opportunity, please see Tammy Auxier. 
A lot of great opportunities coming up in the month of May. Please mark your calendar with these important dates and join us as we reach our community, our church and our military for Jesus Christ.
Pastor James