Happy Resurrection Day!  This Day is the pivotal point of Christianity; this day sets Christianity apart from all other religions because our Lord and Savior came up from the grave and the grave is and forever will be empty. He has risen just like He said He would.  By the time you read this we will have done (3) parking lot services starting with our Good Friday parking lot service; this is a sobering reminder of what Jesus went through to save us from God’s judgement and wrath. 
And then the 2nd parking lot service was our Children’s Easter Parking Lot   Outreach Event where the kids as well as parents got to hear the true meaning of Easter. The kids played Resurrection Bingo that went along with the Easter story and the kids got the chance to win prizes and when the Easter event was done each car got a sack of candy for each person in the car along with a track that talked about how much Jesus loved them and how and why He died for them and a big thank you to Tammy Auxier and her helpers for all your hard work to reach kids for Jesus and doing it in a fun way.
And the final parking lot service was Sunday morning, Resurrection Sunday, was our Sunrise parking lot service.  What a great weekend to celebrate the death, burial and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Following our Sunrise parking lot service we had refreshments before Sunday school @9:30 and then Easter Service @10:45.  What an impacting weekend.  BUT let us not forget what Jesus did for us to redeem us from the penalty of our sins.
Now with all that said, coming on the 24th of April @1:30pm, we have the opportunity to share Jesus love in a practical way by going throughout our church neighborhood passing out flower seeds. So please come and join us as we not only share Jesus love but we also fellowship with each other. Also, please continue to pray for one another and be ready to serve in the months ahead as other events and activities come up.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and work together to help build the Kingdom, one soul at a time.
We serve a risen Savior,
Pastor James