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Being a “Proverbs 31 Woman”

 Some of you may be able to relate with me in that this is possibly the most difficult time of year due to the fact that your Momma is no longer here with you.  When I think back on the life of my Momma, I can’t help but reflect on the sacrificial love she showed that while raising 11 children on a fireman’s pay, she would give up a meal just so we wouldn’t go hungry.

And how she stayed up late to make sure we got our homework done or because we were sick, and she still got up early the next morning to make sure we got off to school on time or to make sure we were doing okay.  My Momma played a very crucial part in the molding and shaping of my life.  She not only taught me by the words of wisdom she spoke but by her actions that she demonstrated as well.

This tribute  is not just for Mothers who have either had children by birth or adoption but this is also for those special women who take care of and nurture children that are not their own but love and care for them as if they were.  It takes a special woman to take care of children that are not her very own, for she is making an impact in that child’s life and this is a priceless relationship.  For that, these special women qualify for being a “Proverb 31 Woman”.


Pastor James

Published: April 1, 2015