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James and Leesa
Wow! What an awesome week of VBS we had. We had a total enrollment of 78 persons; with the average weekly attendance of 62 kids and leaders. Also, each year I challenge the kids and the leaders to give to our mission project and this year we were going to support the St. Joseph Pregnancy Resource Center. The leaders and kids gave $410.51 for our local missions. This meant that I was going to receive 80 whipped cream pies to my face. Let me tell you, it was a joy having every hole in my head filled with whipped cream and who cares if I could still smell it for days, it was well worth it, especially seeing the kids and leaders doing God’s work.
Now, I would like to ask this church family a favor as well as challenge you on behalf of the children in our communities. Please pray for our children (whether young or old) as they start back to school.
Unfortunately, with the busy-ness of the school year upon us, our children will once again be under spiritual attack in many ways from many directions. Once again, peer pressure and fleeting fads will make an attempt to sway the hearts and minds of our children.
It is almost as if the devil and his loyal allies have been waiting all summer for this time of year when kids are looking for a connection to the popular crowd or hoping for acceptance with a group that seems to understand them. The fact is, kids are going to find acceptance somehow, somewhere.
There’s a battle between good and evil for any spare hour a student’s mind is not engaged in something constructive. With that being said, starting on Sunday, September 8th from 5pm to 6pm in our Fellowship Hall, I would like the students from 3rd – 8th grade to engage in a 12 week curriculum on resolving conflict.
Please pray that our children will overcome negative peer pressure, family problems, media influences, and being too busy for God. Please pray that our children spend more time with God, and in His Word, and that they choose to be a witness for Him at school, home, and everywhere else in all they say, do, and think. Please pray that Christians everywhere will show our children how to “Be holy” (1Peter 1:13-16).
They are precious in His sight,
Pastor James


Published: April 1, 2015