a24e19ed8020b5b8969ec78184517c9bPRAYER NEEDS:

***For those in the hospital in August
…Terry Richey—Mosaic (Gregg Richey’s dad)
…John Reeves, Mosaic
…Danny Tatro—ER
…Jessica Kerns—Mosaic (Pastor James & Leesa’s daughter-in-law)
…Lloyd Marshall—Mosaic (Leesa Kerns uncle)
…Karen Bootman—K.C. hosp. (Ruth Tobin’s daughter-in-law)
…Mike Jarrett—Mosaic (Leesa Kerns brother)
…Cathy Kerns—Mosaic (Pastor James & Leesa’s sister-in-law)
…Roxie Potter—surgery 8-31-17
…Terry Hollis—surgery 9-8-17 in K.C. (Shawna Wheeler’s dad)



With Christian love and sympathy.

***For those who have lost loved ones
 …Lola Miller and her family in the loss of her niece, Anita Doss
…Omer Ashler and his family in the loss of his niece, Pamelia K. Ashler
…Sharon Curren in the recent loss of her close friends Carol Allen in Alaska and Carol Jackson 
…Ruth Toblin and her family in the loss of her close friend, Michael S. Hernandez
…Pastor James and Leesa in the recent loss of Leesa’s aunt, Mildred Winter in Hiawatha. KS.


Please contact the Church office (816-279-9216) or Pastor James (816-341-4409) if you want to share a praise report or if you have a prayer request.  All prayer request are important to God, no matter how big or small they may be. 


Published: April 1, 2015