a24e19ed8020b5b8969ec78184517c9bPRAYER NEEDS:

***For those in the hospital in January…
…Mary Hubbard—Mosaic (Ruth Tobin’s daughter
…Kay Rogers—Mosaic
…Carlina Bradford—Sharon & Keith Johnson’s cousin
…Allan McDonald—Maryville, hosp. (Ruth McDonald’s son)
…Dixie Furr– 1 day stay—Liberty hosp.
…Margaret Martin –Mosaic
…Janet Frump– Mosaic
…Chuck Cline—1–day stay
…Janet Wagner—TX hosp. (DeSpain’s sister)
…Kate Burger—Mosaic   (Don Burger’s mom)
…Mary Hobbs—Mosaic
…George Barker—TX hosp. (Kay Rogers brother-in-law))
…John Bird – KS. hosp (Kay Rogers brother)


With Christian love and sympathy.

***For those who have lost loved ones
...the family and many friends of Mabel M. Roberts who passed away
this past month.
Pastor James & Leesa Kerns and their family in the recent loss of
Leesa’s uncle, Lloyd Marshall in Union Star, MO
Sharon & Keith Johnson and their family in the loss of their sister-in-
law, Betty G. Marshall.
Dave & Robbi Dean and their family in the loss of Dave’s dad,
Harry Dean in Pana, Ill.


Please contact the Church office (816-279-9216) or Pastor James (816-341-4409) if you want to share a praise report or if you have a prayer request.  All prayer request are important to God, no matter how big or small they may be. 


Published: April 1, 2015