a24e19ed8020b5b8969ec78184517c9bPRAYER NEEDS:

***For those in the hospital in October
Kate Burger—VA hosp. (Don Burger’s mom)  
Nicole Richey—2 outpatient surgeries
Nathan Archer—Mosaic
Debbie DeSpain—1-day stay     
Debbie DeSpain’s nephew
…Ed Hart—OK hosp. 
…Bill Marcell—Mosaic
Dorlis Day—K.C. hosp.    
Cheryl Payne—Liberty hosp.
Emily Hogan—K.C. hosp.       
Roger Payne—Mosaic
Bill Hadley—surgery 11-9-17      
Carlina Bradford—K.C. hosp.
Ruth Anne Ezzell—Mosaic     
Linda Pingle—Iowa hosp.
Jacob Metzinger – ER      


With Christian love and sympathy.

***For those who have lost loved ones
….Gregg & Nicole Richey and their family in the recent loss of Gregg’s sister, Danielle M. Suman.
the family and many friends of Sharon Hook who passed away this past week.
Ella Mae Heintz and her family in the recent loss of her son Paul B. Heintz.


Please contact the Church office (816-279-9216) or Pastor James (816-341-4409) if you want to share a praise report or if you have a prayer request.  All prayer request are important to God, no matter how big or small they may be. 


Published: April 1, 2015