a24e19ed8020b5b8969ec78184517c9bPRAYER NEEDS:

…For those in the hospital in August:

Lola Miller—Mosaic
Dakota Ballentine—Mosaic (Jennifer Frump’s grandson)
Miranda Wheeler—Mosaic / Children’s Mercy
Rolla Johnson, Jr.—Mosaic (Hazel Johnson’s son)
Everett Wheeler—Mosaic
Nicholas Estes, Jr.—Children’s Mercy
Kate Burger—Mosaic—(Don Burger’s mother)
Edna Myers—Mosaic
Martha Swardson—K.C. hosp. (Joeann Swardson’s daughter-in-law)



With Christian love and sympathy.

***For those who have lost loved ones
the family and friends of Mary F. Hobbs who passed away 
…Pastor James & Leesa Kerns and their family in the recent loss of Leesa’s uncle, Bill Deatherage, Sr.
…Harry & Debbie DeSpain and their family in the loss of their 6 year old cousin, William Straughn.



Please contact the Church office (816-279-9216) or Pastor James (816-341-4409) if you want to share a praise report or if you have a prayer request.  All prayer request are important to God, no matter how big or small they may be. 


Published: April 1, 2015